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Senior Mobility Challenges in Winter: Here’s how to stay prepared

Winter weather can be tough for seniors

If you’re a senior, you know that winter weather can be tough. The cold, the snow, and the ice can make it difficult to get around, which can be a problem if you’re trying to stay active.

Older people are at risk of isolation during winter, so it’s important to take extra care in winter weather to prevent accidents. Here are some tips to help you stay safe and prepared this winter:

  • Dress in layers to stay warm; also use space heaters.
  • Wear comfortable shoes with good traction that can help prevent falls.
  • Take your time when walking on ice or snow.
  • Keep your phone with you in case you need to call for help.
  • Check the forecast before you go out, and be prepared for changes in the weather.
  • Tell at least one of your family members before leaving the house.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to stay safe and prepared this winter.

How to prepare for senior mobility challenges in winter

There are a few things for older adults to stay safe and prepared for in the winter months. First, remove any snow and salt from walkways to avoid slips and falls on ice. Second, you should wear boots with good traction and assistive devices such as Yaktrax when walking outside. Finally, you should dress in layers, stay dry, and stay indoors when possible to stay safe in cold weather.

When to get help from a professional

If you’re a senior citizen living in Minneapolis, you may find it more difficult to get around in the winter. Here are seven winterizing tasks for seniors, some of which require professional help.

  1. Snow and ice removal: If you can’t do this yourself, hire someone to clear your sidewalk and driveway.
  2. Getting your car winterized includes tasks like getting new tires, adding antifreeze, and having your battery checked.
  3. Home heating: Ensure your furnace is working correctly and you have enough fuel to last the winter. If you have a wood-burning stove, make sure it’s properly vented.
  4. Winterizing your plumbing includes tasks like draining outdoor faucets and insulating exposed pipes.
  5. Stockpiling supplies: Ensure you have enough food, water, and medication to last the winter.
  6. Having a backup plan for power outages could include buying a generator or signing up for an on-call service from your utility company.
  7. Checking your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors: This is important year-round, but especially in the winter when people use more heaters and fires are more common.

Senior care in St Paul:

If you’re unable to do these tasks yourself, plenty of services and professionals are available to help. Living Well Hospitality is a leading home care provider in St Paul, MN. We provide respite care, personal care, and companion care for the elderly in Minneapolis, MN.